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I have to admit that when I think of a bean bag, I picture the enormous brown and orange velvety one my grandparents had in their TV room in the 70's. Then grandkids all fought over it, jumped on it, slept on it, until it ended up in the corner deflated from all the foam beads it had lost into the shag carpet over the years. The bean bagswas great, don't get me wrong, but ugly as hell.

Here comes the Sumo Omni! It arrived in a HUGE box at our office. This is not your grandparents ugly bean bag! Fist of all, it looks cool, it has a shape and it works well in a modern office. The nylon material is easy to clean and there are no beads falling on to the floor, imagine that! Instead of grandkids fighting for the musty bean bag, we have employees working on laptops on it and rushing back to the office to take their last 10 minutes of a lunch break on it.

I wasn't expecting that bean bags could be this comfortable. You know those weird bean bags that are over stuffed, and barely fit one person? This bean bag lets you stretch out, get cozy and you can even snuggle two on it (not that we do that in the office).

This Sumo Omni is awesome! It's become an office must have! We love it!


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