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Puffs gigantes de Sumo

Sumo es una empresa norteamericana que se dedica a la fabricación de pufs de todo tipo y tamaño. Los hay cuadrador, rectangulares, más grandes o más pequeños, pero todos tienen la comodidad como característica principal.

Dentro de todos sus producto nosotros nos quedamos con su gama “Gigante”, dos modelos de puff en los que pueden zambullirte para dormir una siesta. Personalmente, me incita a coger una manta, una palomitas y una película para ver en casa mientras fuera hace un frio de mil demonios.


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Once again, Sumo comes through with the powerfully-named Omni Reloaded, a new kind of lounge chair for the company, whose bean bag chairs can be found throughout the Zimbio headquarters. Continue reading →

More Is Merrier

If I had a huge house with a ‘gaming room’ I would definitely furnish it with SUMO chairs, like the Omni beanbag I told you about back in April, and the new Sumo Lounge‘s Omni Reloaded! This is an awesome new chair! Continue reading →


The timing was perfect. I recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment as a temporary solution while I get my house ready to sell since I just moved three hours south of where I’ve been for the last ten years. Continue reading →

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