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From Kimberly a Happy Customer

Hello Sumo!

Greetings from Calgary, Alberta. I recently purchased 2 Black Omni chairs and a Hot Pink Otto as a fun, convenient alternative to couches! I watched the tracking numbers on them obsessively til the day I ran home from work as they arrived and saw the giant boxes on my door step. To my delight, they are everything I could have imagined and more! I tested a few positions before running back to work for the day. I let everyone in my office know of them, and they were interested in them as well. I couldn't wait to show all my friends and have them explore the many different positions! After having them a few weeks, I knew that they were an excellent investment. As I was sitting on Otto one day, making a list of my essential items for a music festival I was about to attend, Shambhala Music Festival - in Salmo, British Columbia.

I wrote down that I needed to bring a lawn chair - then it dawned on me - I should bring my bean bag chairs! They took up quite a bit of room, but they definitely needed to come!

At Shambhala, we found many uses for them. People slept on them, we made a couch out of it and sat on the beach by the river and enjoyed music for 8 hours very comfortably - too comfortable some might say! We could barely get out of them all day! As I was lugging the 18 lbs chairs back and forth from campsite to where we wanted to relax and listen to music - it dawned on me! I remember seeing you guys had sent some chairs out to Glastonbury Music Festival and had them set up for anyone to use. I think this would be a FANTASTIC idea at Shambhala. I told so many people about them, its unfortunate I couldn't have had better promotional material so everyone would actually remember where they came from! I think that is where you guys could come in! If you are interested, I am sure you can contact someone at Shambhala via their website - or I can get in touch with someone there!

You guys have an amazing product! Even after being on a dusty farm, and by a wet river for 5 days - my chairs self cleaned themselves and you can't even tell they were outside!

Thank you for what you do! We need more companies like you in the world!

100 % Satisfied Customer!



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