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The Sumo Lounge: Sway Couple

The first time I encountered Sumo was at PAX East two years ago. The hallways at the place were strewn with these beanbag-like pieces of furniture, and every single one of them was occupied by a most satisfied looking geek. Fast forward to the future, and one of these chairs now sits in my living room. People comment on it whenever they see it, and more often than not they sit down. That's usually followed by a profession along the lines of, "I really need one of these!"

See, that's the thing about Sumos. They might be classified as beanbags, but they really aren't. First, they're too attractive. In my experience, beanbags are, quite frankly, terribly made and uncomfortable, too. On the contrary, the Sumo Sway Couple that now resides in my house is extremely well made, filled with a foamy material and certainly not those horrid beans, and is the center of a continual family debate over who will get to sit on it (the humans, that is; our clever cat just waits until we're asleep and sits on it all night).

My favorite part about the Sumo Sway Couple is that my son and I can fit on it together. Extra bonus? It has back support. Yeah, that's right, this “beanbag” has complete back support. It's comfortable for long periods of time, and is especially nice for me (considering I'm in my second trimester and things are getting uncomfortable). I absolutely adore the corduroy cover in red, which is soft and durable. And the pocket on the side? Brilliant. Great, indeed, for both lounging and gaming, it's totally versatile. Not to mention miles and miles more attractive than most similar ones on the market. (NB)


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