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Sumo Bean Bag Chairs... My review.

A TA contacted me a while back and told me about these SumoSac bean bags and he asked if I wanted to write a small review about it. At first I thought it was spam and ignored it - but then he emailed me again saying any model was mine free and it'd ship out right away. So... why not.

To tell you the truth, I always wanted one of these things but never bothered to buy one. So, it arrived in a pretty small box but it was packed TIGHT - the foam expanded like crazy once I cut the box open and it's actually a lot bigger than I had expected by looking at the box. So, as long as you have a large living room (or basement) then it will be a welcome addition. If you're in a tiny space then you might want to check out their Omni version. The version I got is the Sumo Couple which fits 2 people comfortably. I had it out on my balcony for the summer and the micro-suede is actually weather resistant - so some occasional rain wasn't a big deal. I now have it indoors for the winter since I actually want to make use of it. Be warned, when people try it out they don't want to get up - so, as always, be wary who you invite over for the after-afterparty.. they may stick around too long & overstay their welcome.

Sorry peeps, I checked the box but the girl is not included!

T - Trendy lounge gear for urban living
R - Relax at the end of a long night of partying by lounging on a SumoSac
A - Ample room for you and your favorite girl/guy
N - No assembly required.
C - Comfortable enough for unexpected guests to crash on
E - Easy to move from room to room, indoors and out
A - Array of stylish colors to choose from
D - Durable enough for active use
D - Densely packed filing keeps you well supported
I - Intelligent design makes mishaps a non-issue with a removable, washable shell
C - Comfortable for Couples whether conversing, canoodling, or ...
T - Trust Sumo for online convenience, free shipping, Safe Shopping and a 100% Satisfaction guarantee.


A Trusted Brand

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