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The Sumo Gaming Chair

You know I really enjoy, being comfy while gaming. Well luckily for me the really, really nice folks over at SumoLounge were kind enough to send me not one, but two of their current model Sumo chairs, the Omni and the Sumo Gamer.

Both Chairs are super comfortable, yet the each has different pluses. The Omni is an ergonomic marvel. Unlike a standard "bean bag chairs , it is filled with what I assume is a plastic bead like substance. When you sit on the chair firms up and molds to your body. I would recommend this chair for the more serious, solo gamer. It's a great chair for long online Halo 3 or COD4 games. It provides a rigid, yet comfortable experience. Think of it as the seat of a high end sports car but in beanbag form.

The Sumo series is a different animal. It is like a cross between a giant Teddy Bear and a Beanbag. It has no actual beans in it, it's more like a big pillow or stuffed animal with a slightly furry outside. This is a great chair if you like to lounge and relax while playing games. It has become my gaming chair if choice and the "go to" chair for every visitor of my house. The thing is super soft and really roomy. The only drawback is at time I find myself dozing off in the middle of game-play sessions. But this chair is the better solution if you are a more casual gamer or share your living room with others.

All in all, both chairs are a great purchase if you are looking for a high end and comfortable solution for gaming and lounging enjoyment.


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