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Holy Sumo Titan Lounge Chair!

Holy Sumo Titan lounge chair! Remember bean bags? When Sumo asked me to test out their Sumo Titan lounge chair, I was like hell yes. I had reviewed a chair from Sumo a couple of years ago and I was familiar with their quality. I expected the chair to be large, I mean the name does kind of give it away. But I was surprised just how big it was until it showed up at my door! This thing is f’ing huge! Holy Sumo Titan lounge chair and let me tell you the bean bag has come along way!

Sumo Lounge says they have a simple goal: To make the best bean bag furniture in the world. They are definitely winning!

It’s honestly like furniture. It’s about the size of a love seat. It’s awesome though and super comfortable. When you lay on it, it molds to your body shape so every inch of you is supported in some way. The coolest thing is when you get up the entire chair pops back up to it’s original shape, you can literally watch it happen.

If you are looking for something comfortable to lay or chill out on I am pretty confident when I say, I don’t think you will find anything more comfortable then the Sumo Titan lounge chair.

I would highly recommend this chair in place of couches or they would be great to get a couple of them for a media room. That would really make for an enjoyable movie night!


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