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Much to the dismay of my fiancée, my SUMO empire continues to multiply. A couple of weeks ago the nice guys over at SUMO sent me a couple of samples of their newest products, the Sway 2.0 and the Titan.

They came in pretty large boxes, but nothing I didn't expect from previous SUMOs. However I did notice a new phenomena during the unboxing this time, which I hadn't seen before. Because the chairs were compressed and vacuum sealed, as soon as I cut the thick plastic bag they were wrapped in, the SUMOs began sucking in air, feeding on it, and consequently growing larger and larger. I raced to free the chair from its prison before it completely hulked out and tore the thing to shreds.

The SUMO Titan is... it's a gargantuan beast. It's made out of the same stuffing as my Sway Couple, which was my favorite of all the SUMOs. The Sway is shaped like a chair though. The Titan, much like the Gigantor, is a giant blob. However unlike the Gigantor, the stuff inside the Titan (and Sway) is fluffy... and never gets packed down.

Here I am standing next to the Titan. It's a monster. It almost comes up to my waist. And no matter how much you sit in it, when you get up, it just takes this shape again.

You'll also notice that the Titan has an oblong shape to it. It's really like a giant twinkie. It's length would definitely allow a second person to partake of the Titan-ing, like a loveseat. Fuck that though, this thing is best enjoyed solo.

I'm about 5'11". I can lay out on the Titan and only have my feet overhang a little bit. That extra length over the more round SUMOs is fantastic. It's like a really squishy chaise lounge. You sink in just enough that you can get a nice hammock effect, which is perfect for watching tv or playing games.

I'm finally going to retire my Gigantor in favor of the Titan. As comfortable as the Gigantor is, it can be very heavy and unwieldy. It can get lopsided over time due to the heavier crushed foam inside, and it's a project to fluff it up/redistribute the stuffing. The Titan is more akin to a huge pillow than its denser cousin.

Comfort: 5/5 Hands down, this is the most lounge-tastic of all the SUMOs, beating out even the Gigantor.

Appearance: 4/5 Make no mistake, it's a blob. And due to its fluffy nature, it's always going to be a big blob. You really need to make sure you want a huge pillow in your room, because it's probably going to stand out.

Price: 3/5 The price is going to be a bit of a barrier for some people. It's on par with the Microsuede Gigantor, and a little cheaper than the Corduroy Gigantor. Still, if you take into account the durability, along with its variety of functions (bed, chaise, couch, flotation device), you're getting a lot for your money. And you'll want to sit in it... a lot.


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