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Beanbags are Back!

The beanbag... reborn!

Yes, it was only a matter of time. There's nothing new under the sun, and all good things come back around. It was true with bellbottoms, it happened with feathered hair (and is happening again this spring, thanks to her Madge-esty), and now folks, the beanbag is back.

Only this time it's Sumo size.

It's not exactly how most of us remember it though. First of all, forget about that corduroy or velour nightmare that you had in your parent's rec-room; this baby's high style. Made of rip proof nylon, the new Omni (by Sumo) is anything but an ordinary beanbag. A new pillow shape (rather than the old 'blob' from the 70s) means that it works as a chair, a footstool, a loveseat (great for watching movies with a date) and a floor pillow (great for continuing the date after the movie...).

Omni's little brother Otto is the perfect size- and style- for a footrest, an extra seat, or just a fun thing to have in your living room for guests. Both of them come in a rainbow of colors (we love black, platinum and hot pink!) and you can mix and match to create a theme to go with any room.

Of course both the Omni and Otto are full of the famous little foam beads, but Sumo's uses high-quality fabric to guarantee that they won't fly out every time you sit down. No matter your need or mood, the Omni will come in handy. Extra seating when friends come over, a way to kick up your feet without marking the coffee table, or a frisky new surface to 'play' on.

Right now the Omni's on sale for $149 and the Otto runs $75. They're available in an array of colors at

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