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Review: Sumo Sway Lounge Chair

It's a rare occurrence, but from time to time, we take a break from reviewing games and we review a gaming accessory. Back in 2008, I tested out two gaming chairs/beanbags: The SumoSac and the SUMO Omni. Go read those reviews if you are interested. After two years, the Omni feels less comfortable as if some of the foam beads from inside have been removed, and the SumoSac has held up perfectly and is still extremely comfortable and used on a daily basis. Still, it felt like it was time for something new.

Enter the all-new SUMO beanbag chair, the Sway. In short, this is the best product SUMO has ever made. I had two minor problems with the SumoSac. It is absolutely huge and you are almost forced to lay down in it. The SUMO Sway takes up less room and is augmented in a way that allows you to sit upright while still being smothered in comfort.

Another plus is that the Sway actually looks like a piece of furniture. Whenever people come over to my house, they look at the SUMO Omni and don't know what they are looking at. Then they look at the SumoSac and say, "Holy crap that is a huge beanbag chair!" The Sway physically looks like a piece of furniture, and a very comfortable one at that. Additionally, there are five colors you can choose from: Fiery Red, Khaki, Funky Brown, Charcoal Chill, and Pitch Black.

What do I dislike about the Sway? To be honest, not a lot. In fact, I can rarely find time to sit on the thing because my roommate is always on it. If I were to recommend any SUMO product for gaming use, it would be the SUMO Sway. Sure it doesn't have all the fancy headphone hookups and such that other gaming chairs have, but it is ridiculously relaxing (and looks more attractive).

As with all SUMO products, the Sway isn't exactly inexpensive. You can get a SUMO Sway Single for $249 in microsuede and $279 in corduroy. If you want to share the experience with a friend, go for the SUMO Sway Couple for $279 in microsuede or $299 in corduroy.


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