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Lightning Review: Sumo Omni Beanbag

The Gadget: The Sumo Omni Beanbag, which they claim is "the ultimate solution for all your relaxing needs".

The Price: $199 from SumoLounge

The Verdict: It's expensive, but it's also incredibly comfortable - it is, after all, a beanbag. Measuring in at 1.4 x 1.7 metres, it's definitely big enough for two people to share comfortably, and weighing only 8kg, it's easy enough to move around for storage.

But that all sounds boring. What makes the Omni really stand out is its versatility. "What's that?" you ask? "It's just a beanbag, so how can it be versatile?"

Well, for a start, the PVC coated nylon that the Omni is made out of is tough - it happily withstood an attack from that Golden Retriever you see in the pic above. It's also easy to clean, which is fantastic for anyone who owns a Golden Retriever who likes to jump on beanbags after playing in the mud, like I do.

But more than that is the number of different ways you can actually sit on the Omni. The Sumolounge website reckons they've come up with 10. I didn't need anywhere near that many, but the fact that you can use it to sit up high when you're gaming, down low while sharing it with you're significant other or any number of permutations in between is what really makes the Omni stand out.

But is it worth $200? Well, in these times of economic disasters, many people who might have picked up the Omni may instead opt for a cheaper option. I'd argue that it's their loss - even after just a week's worth of wear and tear, it's pretty obvious that the Omni is built to last, and over time, that $200 will seem more like an investment.

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