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A new kind of chair: Sumo Omni Bean Bag


Ever wanted to get away from the desk and lay on a comfortable lounge chair to relax and surf the Web with your laptop? Move over desk chairs! Introducing a new lounge chair that can and will surly improve your daily life. Thinking my boasting might be a bit overrated? Think again.

Enter the Sumo Omni Beanbag. Now to call the Omni just a "beanbag" would be a massive understatement. If astronauts had a beanbag on the Mir Space station, the Omni would be it.


Composed of an ultra-strong, rip-proof nylon polymer that not only keeps the patented Omni beads within the preverbal "sack", but it also repels stains and liquids. To say the Sumo Omni beanbag is huge is an understatement, this thing is gigantic! I could barely get it in the door; it looked like a giant blob invading my front entrance. With its overall size of 4.5' x 5.5' and weighing in at 18 lbs, the Omni can be molded and maneuvered into whatever shape desired.

Most of us have had some experience with a beanbag at one time or the other. Most are made with shoddy materials that burst open, spewing their white foamy innards only after a few uses. The Sumo Omni is different in several ways. First off, you can feel its quality on contact and confident that slightly shifting your weight while sitting in the chair won't result you being swept away in a sea of beads. Secondly, the Omni keeps your desired shape. Once have found your special "spot", the bag will hold its shape, that is until you pick it up and move it around again.


You should have a good size room to house the Sumo Omni. It consumes all other beanbags on the market, making competitors look vapid and insignificant in size or quality. Having lounged on this bad boy for about week, I put it through its paces. Everything from videogames, working, to simply watching TV while comfortably sung on the Omni; I was relaxed and rested.

Sumo has come up with ten "suggested" uses for the bag, some "uses" are more exciting then others, but that will require more field research I think. After having a few friends over in which a certain level of spillage from various beverages ensued, I am happy to say that no stain was to be found on the Omni, too bad I cannot say the same for my carpet.


As beanbags go, the Sumo Omni is the top of the line ultimate beanbag, relative to the quality and reasonably priced. With the 2 year manufacture warranty, which is unheard of for a beanbag by the way, you have the guarantee of Sumo including a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee. But after sitting in the Omni for a few moments, I personally guarantee that you won't want to send it back. Work on it. Sleep on it. Relax on it. Enjoy it. Try it!

Sadly enough, our neighbors across the pond will not be able to experience the greatness of the Omni as that Sumo only ships within North America.

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