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TMB Product Placement: The Sumo

Years ago, we reviewed a product by Sumo Lounge as they were nice enough to send us one, and to this day I still have it in my kid’s room. We got a lot of use out of that thing! Since then we have recieved another and these things keep getting better. Well I was contacted again by the good people at Sumo to see if we would be interested in trying out their new Sultan.

I picked out a colour (TMB Red Microsuede of course!) and waited for it to arrive.

And I felt a little bad for the courier who had to haul this massive dumpling of a package to my house but aside from a little awkward to pick up it was surprisingly unheavy.

As a slightly pudgy guy who watches a LOT of movies, these are heaven. No sofa or recliner can outlast me, and I tend to have to take a break from sitting my ass down too long from discomfort.

Well, I have to now set an alarm to remind me how long I have been sitting in this thing. It is so damned comfortable, it is impossible to be UNcomfortable in it.

And it bounces back reasonably to shape moments after you manage to build up the willpower to leave it, so you are not spending hours trying to MAKE it work for you. It just does.

My kids fight over it, and I have even slept in it. I am in love with this cuddly mass and recommend it to ANYONE who is hunting for a comfortable gamer chair, movie chair or just a place to plop your lazy ass down.

I would complain about how big it is, but thankfully Sumo offers a whole line of similar products of various sizes.

My sofa is nervous.


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