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I first saw the ads for the Sumo chair in Macleans Magazine . Then I just had to check out the website, and of course I was hooked. I have always been a fan of big, comfortable chairs and my daughter and I were increasingly having a hard time fitting side by side into our living room chair. I thought to myself that we must get one for our home school/home business. I wrote Sumo and asked them if I could test their product in this environment. To my great delight they replied yes, and shortly afterward the chair arrived. We began Grade one Sumo school near the end of August.

Now language arts often takes place cuddled together on the Sumo in luxurious comfort as we read the latest Pony Pals book together. Sitting on the Sumo gives my daughter leg room under the coffee table as she completes worksheets and colors. The Sumo even becomes a hiding place for a clue in a reading scavenger hunt . The Sumo is math itself ,a solid that flows from one form to the next, from a rectangle to a pyramid to a cylinder . A hands-on experience of how matter and form can be manipulated different ways.

Cinderella's carriage glides effortlessly across the floor as the Sumo became a prop for a play and a cross-stitch project is finished up in record timed when arm and back are comfortably supported during art class. Time for a change and the Sumo becomes a perfect place to jump and practice front rolls on during phys ed.. Now school is finished for the day and we settle down to play a board game. My daughter adds that the only way to find out what else it can do is to play with it some more. I do recommend Sumo as a home schooling resource and it is great to play on !

Wendy Jahn, Regina

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