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Review: Omni bean bag chair from Sumo Lounge

I have to say this is the biggest and baddest bean bag chair I've ever laid my eyes on.

I couldn't wait to see what this thing is made of and if it will enhance my daily gaming habits in any way..

It's like a huge pillow, and unlike the 'regular' round bean bags that seem to be everywhere, the shape of the Omni allows you to form it in a lot of different ways.

The cover material is made from space age rip-proof nylon, making it very strong and very easy to keep clean. The opening where you put the filling in is sealed very well - a zipper plus a thick velcro strip make sure the filling doesn't start to decorate your floor but stays safely inside the bag.

And as for durability, I really don't see it suddenly breaking. The material and stitching feel extremely solid and I didn't get the feeling that I had to take it easy on it. The Omni also comes in a number of different colors so you can make sure it goes with your other things.

In addition to being well built, it's also very comfortable. You can quickly form it to support your whole body or just serve as a simple place to sit. The uses are pretty much up to your imagination.

When it comes to gaming The Omni is pretty much the perfect thing to relax and play a game on after that long day at school or work.

And you know, I'm really having a tough time coming up with something bad to say about this product :) While going through the review pages on Sumo Lounge's website and seeing what other reviewers are saying, looks like I'm not the only one..

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