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Sumo Switch

The Sumo Switch is one of the most comfortable products we offer. The Switch offers a soft form without the bulky structure, we like to keep a modern appeal to our furniture and this is no exception to that rule. Whether this is for your loft, office or home this item will match perfectly in any setting.

  • The Switch measures 32" x 28" x 32"
  • Offered in 4 color choices
  • Remote control pocket
  • Filled with 100% polyester Fiber
  • Free Shipping!

Sumo Lounge 11th Year Anniversary

Sumo Lounge 11th Anniversary

TechCrunch CN

豆袋椅的体验真是很有趣:慢慢变大,到了一定程度以后,就不再变大了。Sumo 舒服、个头大,最为重要的是,仍然是一个豆袋椅。所以它才了不起。Sumo 豆袋椅售价 139 美元,价格略高于百货店的普通座椅,但当你的伙伴一屁股坐下去的时候,Sumo 豆袋椅不会突然爆开。