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Otto Cool Bean Bags Rule!

Known fact – super heroes have sidekicks. They couldn't live without them. Where would Batman be without Robin? And where would the Otto be without the .

Ottos from Sumo are cool bean bags and will become your ultimate sidekick. Your new bean bag will be a worthy companion for years to come. The Otto bean bag ottoman is a great addition to your bean bag furniture and will kick all other cheap bean bags out of the doors. Simply said, the Sumo Otto is awesome, and all the sidekick you will ever need, just check out the specs on this versatile little puppy:

Otto Cool Bean Bag Chairs

  • 50 cm diameter, the cool bean bag only weighs 5 lbs
  • 8 hot colors to perfectly mix or match your space
  • Space age rip-proof nylon, high quality Sumo beads
  • Perfect as a kid-sized small bean bag chair

Ottos are not your typical cheap bean bags. At a price anyone can afford, these cool bean bags make great bachelor pad furniture and can be used together with other Sumo bean bag furniture. Looking for a comfy place to rest your tired dogs, or need extra emergency seating around the coffee table? The Otto are small bean bags that are here for you, pal. And guess what, you don't even need to get up or change out of your pajamas to order yourself a cool bean bag chair from Sumo!