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They were everywhere at the Sundance Film Festival and this past weekend one of them was all over GGT headquarters. We’re talking about the Sumo beanbag chair: if the movers and shakers at Sundance had them, it was only right GGT got one too.


And we do. And it’s platinum. (AKA grey, although it’s also available in white, green, navy, orange, red, black and fuchsia). Anyway, we love it. It’s ergonomically correct so you can just hurl your tired body down on it and it will support you like loving arms. It weights eighteen pounds so that you can haul it anywhere with ease. Sumo says you can set their beanbag chair up in ten different positions, but we feel they lack imagination: it’s a chair, it’s a couch, it’s a bed, it’s a bench, etc., but the possibilities really do go on.

Here’s what we managed to do with it in just one brief evening:

  • Ate McDonald’s on it (we were feeling tired and lazy)
  • Entertained a friend
  • Relaxed to the soothing sounds of Bob Marley
  • Read the entire Saturday Globe & Mail  
  • Fit one tall guy, two small dogs and a cat on it comfortably while listening to Kanye West
  • Our own Ryan Farrell (Ryan Out Loud) stopped by for a second opinion:

“Oh. Oh my God. This is Canadian? I love it even more. I could fall asleep on it. It’s perfect for a loft space, or anywhere casual. Can I have one? Oh, it’s also a great brooch for Star Jones.

Ryan Farrell

Sumo beanbags are made with super strong space age nylon and are easy to clean. Visit them at 570 King St. West Unit 103 in Toronto or on the web at They retail for about $250.

We’re so sure you’ll like yours too that we’re going to let you try and win one: Write and tell us what you imagine yourself doing with your own bean bag chair. The most original answer wins and will soon find themselves lying in it pretending they are a Sundance Superstar.

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