2018 Gaming Guide: 3 Best Sporting Games

Aug 22, 2018

Brad Ellis


Approximately 155 million Americans play video games regularly. They play games on their phones, on the computer, on consoles, and play all different styles and genres of game. Kids and adults across the country (and the globe) often play these games on giant bean bag chairs inside their homes for hours on end. Whether you’re playing on a gaming bean bag chair by yourself or playing online with your friends, video games are a blast.

Sports games, however, are not for everyone. But for football, soccer, and basketball fans who love playing video games, these games can be enjoyed for hours upon hours in a row. Sports fans sit in their bean bag gaming chairs for hours and play online against strangers, with their friends, or by themselves as they create a digital version of themselves and progress through their favorite sport. If you’re a big fan of sports video games, there are some amazing ones coming out soon (and recently) so grab some giant bean bag chairs and get ready for some sports gaming fun!

Here are some of the best sports games that are coming out in the near future:

  • FIFA 19 — Release date: September 25, 2018. After one of the most exciting World Cups in recent history, surely there will be plenty of newfound soccer fans enjoying FIFA for the first time. This year’s version has secured the rights to the Champions League, meaning that the game will feature UEFA’s premier club competition from 2018 on.
  • NBA 2K19 — Release date: September 11, 2018. Throughout the last few months, 2k has been releasing various player’s ratings, much to the chagrin of the majority of the players. But people are extremely excited about this fun-filled sports game.
  • Madden 19 — Release date: August 10, 2018. This game actually just came out, but surely there are people who haven’t decided to purchase the new Madden. Many people have been critical of the Madden franchise in the past for not improving their game from year to year, but 2019 seems to be different. Review by Gamespot:
    “Madden 19 is an excellent football game that improves on last year’s entry in almost every way.”

All kinds of sports-related games can be a blast, but these three are definitely the most anticipated. If you want to check out some giant bean bag chairs to improve your gaming setup prior to playing any of these fun sporting games for hours, give Sumo Lounge a call right away!

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