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Sep 21, 2008

Ann Tancio


4cr Review – Sumo Lounge’s SumoSac


Good chances are that you saw plenty of those web ads about the Sumo Omni bean bag chair that I reviewed less than two years ago and said to yourself “Gosh darnit, I need one!”

If, like a good boy or good girl, you’ve been saving some money aside to purchase one of these big boys, hold on to that piggy bank and check out what the people at Sumo Lounge have in store for you this year.

New on their slowly growing list of products is the SumoSac. No, it’s not a sumo’s sweaty sac, but it’s not too far from being so. At 3ft. high and coming in three size, 4ft., 5ft. and 6ft., the SumoSac Sultan is a big comfy bag of foam covered by a micro suede sleeve. Four different sizes are available to buy from Sumo Lounge’s site. You’d be surprised how something 6ft. wide is really hard to fit in your living room. I know, I ran into that problem.

What the Fedex guy delivered at my place was a moderately sized, but heavy shipping bag. The shipping engineers at Sumo Lounge had a few trick up their sleeves this time around and chose to air-compress the SumoSac for easy shipping.


From the instructions on the product’s site, it’s recommended to let the SumoSac stand for 24 hours so it can expand to its full size. And expand it does. After the tedious journey of removing the sac from the bag and breaking appart the blocks of foam, I did what I had to do and let it stand for a few hours. Boy was I surprised when I saw the monster it became.


“B-I-G! I need more room!” That’s all I could say about the SumoSac after it reached its final product size. The chair was seriously taking all the free space we had in the living room. After shuffling the furniture around, the SumoSac finally found its spot. The suede-like sleeve it came with is of very good quality and quite soft. It’s nothing like the space vinyl the Sumo Omni was made of.


A dozen or so of my friends had the opportunity to try out the ‘Sac, and they all loved it. Being made from blocks of foam instead of styrofoam beads adds a lot to its comfyness. The foam holds you in place and you don’t feel like you’re slowly sinking into the ‘Sac like beads would do. All in all, the SumoSac is one very smooth ride. I love every moment I spend on it. The pricing’s not too bad neither – cheaper than most competitors and the ‘Sac is a great alternative to a sofa.


The model I got, the “Sultan”, is big enough to hold two person that loves to cuddle. There’s a bigger one available (can you believe it?), and two smaller ones that are better suited for tight spaces. If you’re planning to furnish a gaming room or just want to sit back and relax in pure comfyness, definitely consider Sumo Lounge’s SumoSac.

The Goods:
+ So comfy!
+ So soft!
+ Free Shipping

The Bads:
– Hard to move around, depending on the size.
– Price point might turn off a few.
Visit Sumo Lounge for more product details.

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