4 Fun and Creative Furniture Pieces For Your Home

Sep 19, 2018

Brad Ellis

Furniture and furnishings sales in the United States amount to roughly $106.7 billion. Every house in America is filled with furniture, some nice-looking and some fairly bland, but there aren’t too many homes that utilize a more creative and eccentric approach when it comes to interior design.

From colorful bean chairs to wall-mounted chair decorations, there are so many ways to utilize your home’s furniture in a more creative and fun way. Here are some of the best and most creative furniture ideas and products that could significantly boost your home’s appearance and overall feel:

    1. Modular furniture — Modular furniture is great for homeowners who like to frequently rearrange and redecorate. You can place all the sections flat on the floor for a giant bed, turn it into a two-person couch with some tables on the side, create separate furniture pieces, and so much more with modular furniture.
    2. Nice bean bag chairs — Bean chairs aren’t just a nostalgic item from your childhood — they can be amazing furniture items for your adult home, as well! There are big bean bag chairs that can be comfy for multiple people or if you just want to take a nap. If you feel like getting very creative, ditch all those boring furniture items and fill your house with bean bag chairs.
    3. Upside-down chair wall mount — By itself, an upside-down chair attached to a wall in your home can look quite strange. Strange is good, however, but you’ll be able to actually store plenty of items on this decorative piece of furniture. Keep your car keys and mail on the flat surface, hang some hats and coats on the chair’s legs, and place whatever else you want on this fun decorative item!
    4. Climbing wall sofa — This item looks like it came from Wonderland. A climbing sofa isn’t practical for multiple people to sit on, but it can be extremely comfortable for one person. You can sit normal or while comfortably leaning back as half the chair creeps up your home’s wall.

It’s time to get a little more creative with your home’s furniture. The house is yours — why not have a little fun? If you want to find some beautiful bean chairs for your own home, give Sumo Lounge a call right away!

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