4 Fun Items to Boost Your Home’s Creativity

Sep 14, 2018

Brad Ellis

No one wants to live in a boring home. Despite this, a lot of people absolutely live in the most boring of homes. This has to change. There are all kinds of items that you can buy, both affordable and not so much, that will give your home a major personality boost.

Some of the following items are fun and practical, but a lot of them are just downright cool. Here are some awesome and fun things you should consider buying for your home:


    1. Mail organizer coat rack — Talk about practicality, a mail organizer hung on the wall near your front door can double as an excellent coat and key rack and a place to store your mail. For the more creatively-inclined, you can even design this mail organizer hybrid as an envelope.
    2. Cool bean bags — Specialized interior design industries are projected to increase at a rate of about 20% over the next decade — cool bean bag chairs are likely to play a major role in that growth. You can quickly boost your home’s interior design by heading to bean bag stores and purchasing some bean bag chairs. Quality online bean bag stores (as well as in person) can offer huge bean bags, fuzzy chairs, and all sorts of creative and fun-looking furniture items!
    3. Swing-set dining table — Kitchen chairs that touch the ground? Lame. How about spicing up your kitchen’s interior and seating arrangements by placing an awesome swing-set dining table in your home! Pro tip: be careful with that morning coffee.
    4. Maze door chair lock — Not exactly the most practical door lock in the entire world, but it will certainly give your home a little much-needed pizazz. You don’t even need to use it if you don’t enjoy spending a few seconds dragging the chain lock through the maze, simply install it on your door and you and everyone who walks by will marvel at its sight.

It’s time to turn your boring house into a fun and exciting home! If you want to check out come cool bean bag stores and purchase some huge and comfy bean bag chairs, give Sumo Lounge a call today!

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