5 of the Most Anticipated Video Games of the Year

Jul 26, 2018

Brad Ellis

Though only 10% of American adults would describe themselves as “gamers,” approximately 155 million Americans play video games on a regular basis. Whether you’re playing religiously 12 hours a day on your gamer bean bag chair or just enjoy winding down for a few minutes goofing around with your kids, these games are a lot of fun and are only getting more entaining.

Here are some of the most anticipated video games of the year:

    • NBA 2K19 — The 2K brand has been one of the best sports video game franchises of all time. This year’s installment will be the 20th version of the game and will feature the best basketball players in the world. LeBron James will be in a Lakers jersey, Kawhi Leonard will be on the Raptors, and you’ll be able to even create yourself and begin your career as an NBA professional.


    • Dragon Ball FighterZ — If you are a DBZ lover, you’re going to love this game. With three on three battles similar to the popular Marvel vs Capcom game, you can swap out all your favorite DBZ characters during the fight.


    • Metal Gear: Survive — The Metal Gear franchise has done quite well over the years and this game is expected to be just as fun as the last few. Though the original creator Hideo Kojima is no longer part of the Metal Gear team, fans of the series are still onboard.


    • Anthem — BioWare has already developed some groundbreaking action RPG games, including Mass EffectDragon Age, and Star Wars: KOTOR. Now, the same company is releasing Anthem, a massive open-world adventure RPG and third-person shooter game. Check out some of the gameplay footage because it looks amazing. Our guess is that gamers across the world will plop themselves down on their gamer bean bag chairs and play this game for hours on end.


  • Days Gone — Did you think that zombie games were a thing of the past? Think not! Days Gone looks to be a fun-filled and terrifying survival-horror game. Set in the desert, the game is an open-world adventure game in a Walking Dead kind of world.

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