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Dec 25, 2008

Ann Tancio


Your couch needs replacing, check outSumo

What started out as an experiment transformed into a permanent alternative replacement for my standard living room furniture. Last year, my favorite pieces of furniture was a blue sectional and clean white steel coffee table. Ask me what my favorite pieces of furniture are today, and I won’t hesitate to utter the name Sumo.

Last June I shared my experience with Sumo Lounge Gear – the incredible SumoSac. A giant plush lounge bag suitable for two. Since then, Sumo has unveiled an even larger gigantuan bag called the Sumo Giganator. If any company made anything any bigger, customers would need to accept the fact that come moving day, their favorite bag wouldn’t be leaving the house. The line of bags come in a wide array of sizes and materials to fit the need of any individuals looking for a comfortable alternative to the sagging couch in front of the television.

The entire Sumo Lounge Gear line is an incredibly versatile, well constructed, family of affordable bean bags [that aren’t really filled with foam beans]. Plush, comfortable, and preferred by all ages. Sumo offers bags between $149 and $399. Compare that to their competitor prices at $250 to $1000.

Jump on one, hurdle yourself off the couch into one, throw your niece and nephew across the room into one, lounge and fall asleep in one, let your dog disappear into one, prop one up in front of the TV + Xbox, or make a mess on one and throw the cover into the wash to start all over. Sumo Lounge Gear is the perfect answer to the question: “How can I get something that looks cool, is comfortable, and doesn’t carry a high price tag?”

Get the same bags in my living room: Sumo Sultan x 2 and the Sumo Gamer.

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