Aaryn Williams And Her Beautiful Baby Try Our Fur Bean Bag!

Jun 7, 2018

Ann Tancio


Hey Sumo Lovers!

We want to give a huge thank you to Aaryn Williams for using our chair in one of her latest videos with her adorable daughter!

We are so honored to be included in that video!  Some of us here are huge fans of Aaryn’s videos and seeing this the other day was a very nice treat!

She is using our Sultan in Fur and we really hope she enjoys that ball of fluff for many years to come!

We also hope that it proves to be an amazing tool for her from now one when she makes her videos!  It would be a great location for her to make announcement videos and videos where she talks to her video directly like she just did with this one!

IF you want to check out her video and give her some support by checking out her other videos then you can do so HERE!

Her adorable family for sure deserves some love and thank you again Aaryn!

If any of you Sumo lovers out there want to get your hands on one of our Fur chairs than look no further!  Our Fur chairs may be on the newest additions to the Sumo Family, but they have been VERY popular in the last few months!

Sadly they are currently only available for free shipping in the US, but if you are outside of the US then it is still possible to get it for an extra charge in shipping!

If you are interested in buying any of our Fur chairs and you are in the US than you can do so HERE!

If you are outside of the US however do not worry!  You can contact our customer service team at or 1866 340 7866 to see if you can and how much it would be to get a Fur Chair!


Have a great day everyone!

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