Above Top Secret

Aug 6, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge Omni Chair

My SUMO was delivered last Saturday and I have to say that there are a few “things” in life that make it worth living, BIG HD-TVs, FAST Computers, Cool Cars, Guitars, Harley-Davidsons and The SUMO LOUNGE.

I’ve added the SUMO Lounge because this is one product that has completely met my expectations formed from its advertising. This thing is HUGE! It’s got the most incredible “beans” I’ve ever placed the Springer booty and recently reconstructed back upon. The technology that created these “beans” is top secret so I don’t know why they are so damn comfortable and from fitting but they are.

The quality of the construction and material is FIRST CLASS all the way. It’s NOT cheap but then I learned a long time ago that cheap just isn’t worth having, you spend more replacing the cheap stuff than you do buying the good stuff upfront.

If there was ever a cool, mod lounge for keeping an eye on the man the SUMO is IT. I would NEVER “endorse” anything that wasn’t the absolute BEST so if you are in need of some multi functional furniture (yes it’s big enough to sleep on) that is cool enough for MTV, the Playboy Mansion and GOOD enough for my picky arse… the SUMO Lounge is what you want.

Springer’s Rating:


(4 Thumbs UP- The HIGHEST possible)

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