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Mar 19, 2014

Ann Tancio

New Partnership Opportunities

Already Achieving Results  

WELLINGTON, NZ, March 19th 2014 – A month after announcing their new partnership opportunities for qualified distributors around the globe, Sumo Lounge, the international market leader for bean bag furnishings, has found interested parties in Mexico. A few other countries – including one in Asia and another in Africa – are also currently in negotiations with the brand.

As previously announced, the Sumo brand has always been confident that the decision to sell marketing rights to countries that had a better understanding of their own market was a wise investment in the company’s future. Founder Andrew Milligan explains, “It’s the perfect solution. You take an established brand like Sumo and join forces with distributors in countries whose marketing we are unfamiliar with.  This is an excellent way to expand the brand while they learn the ropes from a market leader”, he concludes.

Parallel to creative ‘guerilla’ marketing tactics which awarded the brand with thousands of valuable product reviews over the years, Sumo Lounge put together a detailed information packet for potential partners and distributed it to key representatives in countries of interest. The packet consists of the brand’s history, statistical data (including demographics and logistics) and media coverage as well as collaboration options and fees.

The early success of this partnership venture couldn’t have come at a better time. Sumo Lounge is previewing a new line of furniture next month for future release later this year. The brand’s top industrial designers have been hard at work for over a year to develop this new collection. Says Richard Brownlee, the company’s Head of Product Development and Expansion, “we are all so excited about the new products”, he continues, “They are innovative in design and quite different from anything we have ever done before…I’m confident it will take Sumo Lounge to the next level.”

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