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Nov 27, 2008

Ann Tancio


Next generation Bean bags

I have always had a thing for bean bags, not sure why. I wasn’t allowed one as a kid “cause they’re too bloody noisy!” (this may also explain my slight obsession with cats)

I have been through a few bean bags in recent years trying to find one that an adult can sit in comfortably, the pictures on the packets are so deceiving, those things are never as big as they appear on the packet and I have subsequently spent a fortune on beans and bags and never founds anything right.


We have recently welcomed a new bean bag into our lives, an Omni chair from Sumo. Saw the pictures on the site and thought Hmm, yeah I bet it isn’t that big when it gets here. That lady must be super small, no way can you sleep on it like that! It really is THAT big, it’s 137cmx 167cm, I had trouble squeezing it in the door. The bags come pre filled with 320L of beans, so your ready to go as soon as it arrives.

I am in love, I felt like a little kid with a new toy. Trying out all the different positions you can sit in it. And yes, you can sleep in them, have tried that out too! Even the cats were keen.

The bag is made from a heavy duty rip-proof nylon which makes them kids and cat proof. No need to worry about spills or stains it just wipes clean. You could even use them outside. They also make a great gaming chair, as my manpet can attest.

I will admit I borked a bit at the price at first, they do seem a bit pricey, well that is until it arrives. AUD$200 will get you a filled and delivered Omni Chair, definitely worth the money (even if just for the fact you can throw children at it, and they love it!)

Sumo are only new to Australia, their range in the US is huge, Andrew from Sumo says they hope to bring their Sumo Sac to Australia early next year.

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