Apr 20, 2010

Ann Tancio


Hey Sumo Team

Review: Sumo’s Omni Beanbag Chair

I recently had the opportunity to acquire a Sumo brand Omni beanbag chair. I had been so impressed with their versatility and comfort at PAX East 2010, I knew that it would fit perfectly in my gaming living room. At PAX East 2010, there were numerous hallways of the convention center lined with several hundred of the Omni beanbag chairs, so that attendees could sprawl out and play their Nintendo DS, PSP, card games, or just catch a nap by a sunny window. It was cleverly called “The Handheld Lounge.” It was such a brilliant concept, and I hope more conventions catch on and implement a similar area.

The beanbag chair is an aesthetic furniture choice often relegated to college dorms and teenage bedrooms. However, Sumo has created the perfect beanbag for the young adult looking for versatile seating. And did I mention its the ultimate game room chair? Should you decide that the time is right to graduate to a big boy’s beanbag chair, Sumo should be at the top of your shopping list. The pricing is competitive with other companies that I surveyed, and they have several different shape / sizing options.

The Omni model (which is what I have and what was at PAX East, and is pictured to the right) is a 4.5′ x 5.5′ square made out of a durable and “rip-proof” nylon covering. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to do long term testing, but the material does appear to stand up to the claim that it’s strong. Short of a large animal trying to purposely destroy the chair, I can’t imagine anything damaging it. This same covering, while sturdy, isn’t as nice to the touch as a micro suede fabric one might be. An exchangable beanbag chair cover available in various materials, perhaps, would be a nice addition to their line up for the Omni (there is a micro suede cover available for some other models, just not this one).

Sumo claims that there are 10 different specific shape configurations for the Omni. I’ve personally grown attached to two in particular, switching it between a perfect gaming chair and a napping surface. In either form it’s comrfortable, the interior beads forming easily to my shape each time I sit in it. What I love about the “chair” forms is that they are definitely sturdy enough to provide ample back support.

The final consideration is color choice. The Sumo bean bag color line-up is more than adequate, if not downright expansive. The primary colors that most of their models are available in would likely match most interior decors, with several flashy options for the Omni. The Omni comes in black, charcoal green, platinum, midnight blue, fiery red, neon orange, hot pink, pure white, lime green, and funky brown.

Other Sumo beanbag styles include the Otto, the Sumosack gamer, the Sumosack Couple, the Sumosac Sultan, and the Sumosac Gigantor. You can learn more about these great beanbag chairs at And don’t forget, you can enter to win a free Omni beanbag chair here at Alltern8!

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