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Apr 3, 2007

Ann Tancio


Lounge it Out in the Sumo Chair


When you pull the Sumo Omni lounge chair out of the box, you’re going to think you just bought a big bean bag.

Ok, I won’t lie to you; you did just buy a big bean bag. But it’s a mighty comfortable bean bag and one of the better lounge furniture pieces out there.

The Omni might seem bulbous, even inconvenient at first, but remember that its squishy, and the majority of the time someone is probably going to be sitting, laying or sprawling on it. Obviously not a piece for the upscale chic home or apartment, the Omni is better suited for college dorms, child playrooms, or, if used right, an urban contemporary space. I’m sure everyone out there owns or has played with one of those moshi microbead pillows. Well, the Omni is filled with those and covered in a more than durable “space-age” rip, stain and water proof nylon. So kick it, jump on it, throw it around-whatever-it’s going to be fine. And even if it’s not, at an affordable $150 you’ll probably have two.


After two days of owning the Omni, here is what I’ve discovered: it’s great for playing video games, snacking, and watching Planet Earth on Discovery HD. Despite it’s claim, it’s not the most comfortable thing to lay on as a floor pillow simply because when body weight is applied to it the Omni gets very supportive rather than soft. That might just be my personal preference talking seeing as how I’m all about soft. That being the case, I’ve found the best positions-out of the ten the designers have claimed to find-are the chair and the love-seat. Take the Omni and set it up on its side, then plop down on one of its corners and it should form a nice lounge chair good enough for enjoying two hours of TV without having to move. If you’re looking to snuggled with another, repeat step one (place it on its side) and get comfortable by sitting on the long edge of it. That should pop up the back and make a nice seat for two.

Like I said, don’t put this in your mahogany laden living room. This chair was made durable for a reason. Your kids will love it and so will recent high-school graduates. I’m neither, but I’m hoping I can integrate this into my trendy New York Apartment in the West Village. So, happy sumo lounging everyone.

You can find the Omni at the

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