Aug 6, 2012

Ann Tancio

Review: Sumo Lounge Beanbag Chair

Every so often we receive products for review that technically don’t fit under any of the categories that we cover here at ANDPOP, so we usually have to turn them down. However, I received an email to review a unique bean bag chair a few weeks back, so I took a look at the product’s web site to see if this was more than just your regular bean bag. I was sold on it fairly quickly and I knew I had to try this out. The web site instantly shows you how versatile the beanbag chair is and how different it is from your typical beanbag chair.

The chair is called the Omni and is available in 10 different colours. It’s like a giant pillow and it’s EXTREMELY comfortable. Calling this product a beanbag chair is misleading, as it’s way more than that. By simply flipping the chair on its side, you can convert it into a chair, loveseat, floor pillow or crash mat. Furthermore, if you’re not quite sure what else can be done with the bag or what position is best, the web site provides plenty of videos to show you which position to use.

The bag is approx. 5’5 x 4’5 feet in size and made of space age rip-proof nylon. It’s filled with Virgin Polystyrene Foam that easily shift around to ensure maximum comfort and if you feel like your Omni bag is deflating, you can easily refill the bag with extra foam balls. Anyone who has sat on the bag has had nothing but good things to say. It really is the perfect addition to any room and the assortment of colours will ensure that it fits in well with your other furniture.

Visit to check out their additional products or to order an OMNI ($149).

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