Dec 18, 2007

Ann Tancio


Review: SUMO Omni Beanbag

The web site itself portrays just how cool a beanbag can be. It has many pictures and demo videos on how versatile this product can be.

Available in 10 different colours, it’s like one super sized pillow.and it’s REALLY comfortable. Calling this product a beanbag is misleading, as it’s way more than that. It converts quickly into a chair, loveseat, floor pillow or crash mat and if you’re not quite sure how to set the bag; the web site has many online videos to show you.

The bag is approx. 5’5 x 4’5 feet in size and made of Ballistic nylon. It’s filled with Virgin Polystyrene Foam that easily shift around to ensure maximum comfort and if you feel like your Omni bag is deflating, you can refill the bag with extra foam balls.

I’ve yet to hear anything bad about the Omni bag from colleagues and friends who have sat on it. It’s a perfect addition to any room and the assortment of colours will ensure that it fits in well with your other furniture.

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