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Jul 30, 2006

Ann Tancio


Sumo Lounge Omni Chair

The omni chair I received was the charcoal black color, and the best way to describe it is a gigantic pillow. Nearly 5 x 5 feet in size, big is probably the best way to describe one of these.

It is made of some very tough canvas-like material. It is slightly reflective, and seems to be decently resistant to stains, as well as very tough to rip. Another bonus is that it remains comfortable when the temperature rises. The inside of it, protected by super strength velcro and a zipper, is filled with small foam beads, kinda like miniature packing peanuts. Only these are much harder to squish (I had to look). There is a large red tag on one side of it with the Sumo logo on it, so you don’t forget who made this very comfortable piece of furniture.

Now I’ve used bean bag chairs before, and could never really get to like them. Mainly because once you sit down, it tends to take major effort to get out of one. Well that, or just rolling sideways till you hit the floor. This isn’t like that.

The shape of the Omni Chair, and the fact that it isn’t completely stuffed with beads, allows you to pick how you want to sit in it, and how firm of a seat/backrest you want to have. I was able to make it take the shape of a fairly comfortable love seat, as well as a couch, by leaning the back against a wall. It was even great stuffed almost completely into a corner, as an out of the way sitting spot. I wouldn’t be able to fully fit on it if using it as a bed, but since this thing is taking up residence in my living room, that isn’t something I worry about.

You should check out the gallery on their site for some suggestions on how you can sit in one of these, but that is all they are, as I do not believe there is a wrong way to sit in a Sumo.

The Omni Lounge is now my favorite thing to sit in to play video games, and even just to get some work done on my trusty laptop. I’d highly recommend that if you have the space, and are considering a new piece of furniture, to check out Sumo.

~Kaitou Ace

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