Asylum Australia

Jan 19, 2009

Ann Tancio


Review: The Sumo Omni giant beanbag pillow chair thing

What’s your favourite position? That’s the tagline the Sumo Omni people have been running with, and the shots above are just a few of the options they are suggesting. Part beanbag, part giant pillow, we’ve been working our but groove all over this thing recently and would have to say it is DAMN comfortable.

At first glance it is kind of scary, because it is made of a heavy industrial looking material that makes you wonder how that could feel nice against the body. But once you sit down it is love at first ‘cush’ (that’s an attempt to capture that beanbag sound… no, not quite right…).

For those with significant others / friends with benefits, this could certainly play a role in trying out some new moves. Take another look at those pictures above. Aaaah, now you see it. And that industrial material? Very clean up friendly. So whether you are flying solo while kicking back in front of your plasma, or you have some very special company, we’re pretty sure the Omni has a role to play in your life.

The Sumo Omni comes in at $199.

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