Dec 10, 2006

Ann Tancio


Bboyworld received two Sumo Lounges just three days after they were ordered, which was amazing considering I was told it would 5-7, so that’s dope. I opened the huge 18 lb. boxes, pulled out the Sumo Lounges, and they slowly filled themselves out to cover half my living room floor. These Sumo Lounges are huge. I sprawled myself out over one of them, and found myself to not be moving, only because those beads conformed to every curve of my body. The material is super-resistant to any spills; it’s made out of this hardcore easy-to-clean nylon. Which is completely great because I have this tendency to have a shaky hand from playing too much B-Boy the game. Anyways, both Sumo Lounges have been serving their illustrious lives as my Study Lounge, my Videogame Lounge, and most importantly, my Thank Goodness Work is Over Lounge. I’ve been using these bad boys for a month now, and they have been nothing short of quality. Check out their website to order some of the dopest bean bags, perfect to sit in while playing B-Boy the game!!

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