Back To School With Geek Mom!

Aug 7, 2018

Brad Ellis


Hey Sumo Lovers!

Once again it is an honor, but we have been included in geek mom’s back to school guide! We want to thank them for including us again!

This year they have included our Titanium bean bag chair! They go into detail about cost and a description of our product!

They even include a link in their review of another review they made of our Gigantor chair not too long ago!

Check out their review HERE!


If you yourself would like to get a Titanium or Gigantor and you are in the US you can do so HERE and HERE!

If you are in Canada you can get them HERE and HERE!

If you are anywhere else in the world do not worry, you can contact us at or 1866 340 7866 and our customer service team will be able to find out if we can ship to you and how much it would be!

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