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Dec 16, 2010

Ann Tancio

Shopping Guide: Holidays Edition 2010


Sumo’s Omni Beanbag Price: $139 Buy It:

We picked a lot of clothes, jackets and other gear, so we wanted to add a something little different for the 2010 Holiday Guide. This is a good one for gamers, or even people who just wanna lounge. Sumo’s Omni beanbag is perfect for just about anyone.

The super-sized beanbags are definitely made with quality in mind, and are unlike the typical ones you see. First off, it’s huge! It’s a whopping 4.5′ x 5.5′, but weights just 18 pounds. It’s made of rip-proof nylon nd is filled with top quality Sumo beads. The best part is you can configure it to all kinds of different positions, 10 in all, says Sumo — whether you wanna nap on it, sit up to get your game on, or just lounge while watching the game, it can be contorted to sit how you want.

We got one for our offices recently, and we love it. It sells for $139 and comes in 10 different colors. Its worth it, plus shipping is free. A perfect gift for the holidays definitely!

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