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Jan 22, 2006

Ann Tancio

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I got sent this Omni Chair by the good people at to review. I really enjoyed using this chair. The comfort of the Sumo Omni Chair is indescribable. Just melt into this beanbag chair and lay your head back as you watch TV, chat with friends, read a book or take a nap (easy to do in these chairs). This bag is also great for other activities that may not be legal or safe for work.

Sumo has really taken bean bag furniture and super charged it. The Omni is awesome for so many reasons. It is very lightweight making it mobile and easy to move around even for its gargantuan size. The cover is strong and you can tell the quality of the materials is very high and not likely to be easily damaged. The bag itself with the red label looks cool and is stylish.

When girls see this cool piece of modern furniture in your apartment they are more likely to engage in promiscuous behavior. I don’t know if this is a scientific fact it is just something I personally witnessed. I would recommend you go buy your own today at

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