Jun 28, 2010

Ann Tancio

Roundup: Sumo Bean Bag Chairs, Dating Websites and Eating Weeds

A couple years ago Andrew from Sumo Lounge sent us a Sultan SumoSac and one of their Omni Bean Bag Chairs. It turns out that our little buddy Tobey (our beagle) has claimed the Sultan SumoSac, thinking it’s his very own dog bed (one of the largest dog beds every).

Fortunately, Sumo added yet another chair to their bean bags lineup and Andrew emailed me to ask if I wanted to try it out. It’s the Sumo Sway and a step up from their previous designs because it has more defined structure that offers support. In addition to a more defined shape, there is a little pocket on the side for you to stick your remotes in, a nice added touch.

Finally, I really like the suede material they used for this bag. It’s soft and comfortable, without getting too hot, and seems like it’ll stand up to wear and tear fairly well (just a guess, I’ve only had the bag for a week). A photo and the links of the week after the jump.

Here’s a picture of my lovely wife and my awesome dog sharing the Sway:


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