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Apr 4, 2013

Ann Tancio

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Review

I received a Sumo Sultan Bean Bag so I can share my honest review and opinion to my readers.

Sumo Lounge manufactures bean bag chairs of all shapes and sizes. They have bean bags as small as an ottoman (aptly called The Otto). And they also have a really big one which they call The Gigantor. Take a look at all the bean bags they currently offer on their website:

Sumo Bean Bag Chairs

That’s quite a lot! They offer so many shapes and sizes that I’m sure everyone will find one that fits what they want and need!

When I received my Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in a very big box, I got so excited!

It was quite a task for me to get everything out of the box since it was secured very well to make sure the stuff inside wouldn’t pop out during shipping. But no amount of staplers and tapes can get in the way of an excited Bay Area Mommy.

The Sumo Sultan measures 54″ X 54″ X 42″. I chose the one that has a removable corduroy bean bag cover but they also offer the Sultan in microsuede and ultimate fur. The cover zips off so we can easily wash it. The corduroy cover comes in Black, Blue, Purple and Red. The microsuede cover comes in Black, Khaki, Brown and Red. And the ultimate fur cover comes in Black, Khaki and Red.

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Chair

Our family now loves sitting and laying on our Sumo Sultan! I can’t even ask my husband to get up from there when he’s watching TV or playing his Xbox and PS3 games. It’s actually funny because he knows I’m just waiting for him to get up so I can take over the Sumo Sultan!

Even my son wants to lounge on it! So what I do now is when I can’t get some time to sit on it, I just sit with them. It’s not a problem though because it’s a huge bean bag so all three of us can fit in it!

Sumo Sultan Bean Bag Chair

It was actually my husband who opted for the corduroy cover. Somehow, I didn’t set my expectations too high because I’ve seen a lot of corduroy fabrics that were a bit rough and left line marks on your skin. But I love that the corduroy material used for the Sumo Sultan is very soft!

Aside from it being soft and cozy, I like that the Sumo Sultan isn’t really structured. That way, I can change my positions and angles depending on my mood. So if I want to sleep, I can turn it into a mini bed. And if I want to just sit and watch TV, I can turn it into a large chair. It’s just really all about which part of the bean bag you’re sitting on and how much weight goes to one side.

Overall, it’s a really good product for relaxation. Everyone in the family can surely enjoy lounging in the Sumo Sultan.

BUY IT! The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag is available for purchase at

Price varies depending on the cover fabric. The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Microsuede cover costs $249. The Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Corduroy is $279. And the Sumo Sultan Bean Bag in Ultimate Fur is $399.

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