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Apr 7, 2008

Ann Tancio


Omni by Sumo Lounge

The Omni by Sumo Lounge is the modern version of the beanbag. It’s more square than round and more flat than 3D, but it’s pliable and can be coerced into a number of positions. My oldest son has turned the Omni into a game chair of sorts – he calls it his “comfy chair” and configures it into a seat with a high back.

The Omni comes in 10 colors, and I chose red. It is bold, and the kids (okay, me too!) can’t help themselves as they dive right into it. And its rip-proof nylon holds up to even my 220-pound frame, and the well-sewn edges keep all the “beans” inside where they belong. The durable material allows us to take the Omni outside and lounge, jump, read, relax and, of course, play the Nintendo DS, and a damp cloth easily removes all traces of dirt, mud and grass. I’m sure we’ll be toting the Omni to the park and numerous soccer and baseball games in the near future.

The size of the Omni by Sumo Lounge is 5.5′ X 4.5′, which will run you $129. It is one of the more inviting beanbag chairs that I have ever lounged/sat/slept/jumped/played on, and its durability and versatility definitely make it worth the investment.

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