Best Video Games Ever? These 5 Must Be On the List

Oct 22, 2018

Brad Ellis

Approximately 155 million Americans play video games on a regular basis. There are cool new games that come out every year but some truly cannot compete with a few of the classics. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular, most fun, and most amazing video games over the years.

Before you start playing these amazing games again, or for the first time, it’s important to ensure that you have a comfortable setup. That’s where big bean bag chairs come in.

Whether you’re playing Mario Kart with your friends or a role playing game (RPG) by yourself, make sure you’re comfortable throughout your gaming experience. With big bean bag chairs, you will be extremely comfortable and locked into your game for however long you plan on playing. There are huge bean bag gaming chairs available that you should purchase and keep inside your home. These gaming bean bag chairs should be in your gaming station, sure, but they can also look great for other parts of the home.

Here are some of the best video games of all time:

  • Mario Kart — This game is perfect for 5-year-old, 70-year-old, and everyone in between. Millions of people have spent hundreds of millions of hours playing this fun-filled racing and battle game. It never gets old.


  • Pong — This game might get a little old, but it’s still a fantastic game. Possibly because of its simplicity, as well as it being the first game ever, Pong definitely makes the list.


  • Madden — Even for people who don’t like football or even sports games, Madden football has taken over the sports gaming realm and is a terrific game.


  • Halo — One of the games that put Xbox on the map was Halo. With its excellent campaign, co-op mode, and Xbox live, Halo is an amazing game for just about anyone.


  • The Sims — It’s so easy to ignore your real-world responsibilities and focus on the digital responsibilities of your Sims family. Whether you’re playing on the computer or a console, sit back and have fun — and don’t forget about bathroom breaks!

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