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Sep 20, 2006

Ann Tancio


The Omni is a heavy duty, over-sized, beanbag chair that would be perfect for use while kicking back to watch some TV or to play a marathon session of your favorite video game. So, if you’re looking for a connection to the usual fare here at, consider it an accessory for use with your computer, console game, or home theatre.

The Basics:

The Sumo Lounge Omni ships in a huge cardboard box. As I approached my house and saw it sitting on the front porch I honestly had no idea what it could be. Although I was expecting the Omni to be delivered, the size and shape had me thinking I had a new dishwasher. For size comparison purposes, the below right image shows the Omni box behind something that may look a bit more familiar to visitors of a computer review site, a typical mid-tower ATX computer. With a box big enough to hold a dozen or so computers, I can’t wait to see the size of the beanbag chair inside!


The Basics:

Other than the outer cardboard box, the Omni is only packaged in a plastic bag, and I am very grateful for this. The delivery driver left the box near the edge of my porch in the middle of a tropical storm, and one side of the box was hit with at least a few inches of rain before I got home to save it. The box dried out with time, and the Omni itself never saw a drop of water thanks to the inner bag.


The images below show the Omni in all its glory ready for some serious lounging. You can choose from eight colors, and the review sample is what Sumo Lounge calls “Charcoal Green”, which is a bit like forest green with some silvery grey tones. As mentioned, it is a 5.5 x 4.5 feet rectangle, and a typical sofa pillow is shown in the below right image for another size reference.

The images below are intended to show off the heavy duty nature of the Omni. The material is thick and tough, and although there is a texture to the surface it smooth to the touch. The edges are all triple stitched, which should do nicely to minimize the likelihood of a blow out. Have you ever had a beanbag chair pop? Not fun, as the beads go everywhere, cling to most horizontal and vertical surfaces, and can bog down your vacuum in no time. By the looks of things so far, the Sumo Lounge Omni seems ready for a long life without fear of such issues.


An approximately one foot long stretch along one edge has a extremely heavy duty Velcro closure that conceals a zipper. Working your way through both of these seals is how you access the bead compartment. The tiny white beads don’t fill the Omni, but provide enough loft to make it comfortable and flexible enough to be used in the “10 in 1” situations described by Sumo Lounge, and a few more if you’re creative.



The Sumo Lounge Omni was then put to the test, and we didn’t take it easy on it. In addition to my 210 pound body dropping into it over the span of about 2-3 weeks now, an even bigger challenge was dished out as a 4-year old was allowed to use it as she pleased.

The first passing mark it receives was earned simply bringing it down into the basement for use in the play room. The huge Omni passing through the narrow stairs meant it had to be squeezed through, scraping along a painted cinder block wall. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I was sure I had ripped or scuffed it, given the unpleasant noises made as it dragged along the coarse wall. Upon inspection the only damaged had occurred to the wall, as some of the white paint had rubbed off onto the Omni. A few swipes with a damp sponge and it was as good as new.

I have used the Omni mostly as a chair (as the handsome young model is demonstrating below), sinking in way down with the sides puffed up for arm rests and the back up even higher for a headrest. Even though I am 6’2″, it fit me very well, was supportive, and was extremely comfortable. The only problem was getting out of the chair, for two very good reasons. One was the comfort level, I just didn’t want to get out and could watch TV for hours. And two, I pretty much had to roll out onto my hands and knees in order to get up. It is just that big (or perhaps I am just getting old).


As yet another size reference, the couch in the background is eight feet long.

Even though I may outweigh a 4-year old by a factor of five, the true test came as the Omni turned into her dive tank, horsey, space ship, sled, wrestling mat, and just about anything else her imagination could come up with… Mostly unrelated to lounging. The Omni has been jumped on, dragged around (with a passenger or two), bent, twisted, thrown and otherwise abused without mercy over the past several weeks… And it is no worse for wear, looking as good as it did the day it arrived.

After a long day of beating on the Omni in the name of fun and a thorough review, it makes a good place to unwind for a nap, too.


Over the past few weeks I have seen that the Sumo Lounge Omni is not your typical beanbag chair. It is as versatile as it is comfortable, and as well suited for children as it is for adults. The timing of the review could not have been better, as I have found myself sunk down in the Omni just about every Saturday and Sunday afternoon enjoying the start of football season. If only it had an integrated snack tray and beverage holder!

I am unsure how you go about rating something like the Sumo Lounge Omni, but I am definitely quite impressed with it. I don’t think I would have ever considered buying a beanbag chair for myself at this stage in my life, but having used this for the last few weeks makes me realize I do like it, and will continue to use it regularly. If you have kids it will have an extra appeal as they may not just want to lounge on it, but will find numerous ways to incorporate it into play time.

The only thing that might discourage people from getting an Omni of their own is the price. At $129 (shipped free, available on the Sumo Lounge website) it is quite an investment for what it is. That said, it is high quality, extremely versatile, quite comfortable, and comes backed by a two year limited warranty.

If you have $129 to improve the lounging side of your life, look into a Sumo Lounge Omni Super-Sized Beanbag Chair. Given its heavy duty construction, and the way it has become a part of my daily life, it is easy to consider it “Highly Recommended”.

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