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Apr 21, 2008

Ann Tancio

SUMO Omni Beanbag Chair

Sumo, the makers of urban lounge gear, sent us three of their super awesome Omni beanbag chairs for our April 2008 LAN to give away as prizes. We got a chance to test them out before gave them away, and here is what we thought:


This beanbag is probably one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever gamed on. The beans are the perfect size and shape for the perfect combination of stiffness and squishiness. The only bad thing about the comfort is I’ve actually fallen asleep while playing video games on more than one occasion.


The Omni’s outer shell is made out of a strong vinyl material. Sumo says no matter what you spill on it, you should be able to wipe away without a stain. I tend to believe this. The only thing I’ve spilled on a Sumo Omni is water, and it came up no problem, but I assume had it been something like Kool-Aid or pudduing it probably would’ve come up just as easy.


Our beanbag has never failed us. The outside material is strong and no matter the abuse we dish out, it hasn’t split at its seams. The beans do squish down over time, (all beans do though) but Sumo offers reasonably priced replacement beans. If you’re on a fixed income you could always fill the bag with some cheaper stuff bought in bulk somewhere on the internet, but I have a feeling that it probably wouldn’t form into positions as easily.


Because of the Omni’s unique construction and bean size, it can be formed into many different positions and can be used in quite a few different seating styles. I personally like to fold it to resemble a little chair, and sink into it so that it supports my arms, back, and neck (with a little cushion on my bum too.) That is my favorite video game playing position that no other beanbag can really offer. When I’m watching movies, I tend to lay it out flat and use it as a mattress. Some people straddle the thing, but I’m not really into that.


The size is huge. It measures at 4.5 ft. by5.5 ft. My girlfriend and I can easily lay side by side on it and watch a movie or take a nap. I’ve busted it out for guests as a makeshift bed, and we’ve taken it to quite a few LAN parties to use as a mini mattress to crash on.


The thing comes in a wide variety of colors to match any dcor or dorm room. My girlfriend and I went with red, and we haven’t regretted it since.

Price for value:

At first glance, you might think $129 is somewhat steep for a beanbag, and I don’t blame you. With the country in a recession right now, the money might be better spent on food or something more practical. However, for people looking for an extra piece of furniture, the Omni is versatile and the cost is a wise investment. You can’t break it, you can’t ruin it by spilling on it, and although the beans squish down after awhile, they are easily replaceable via a Velcro strip at the top of the bag. I recommend this bag; the size and versatility alone make it worth it. It’s the perfect thing to cop a squat on while vegging out in front of your favorite TV show or video game.


I fully recommend this product. If you have the $130 to part with, the Sumo Omni is a worthwhile investment. The size is a bit large for smaller apartments, but if you have the storage space to keep it out of the way, that problem is easily solved. We usually keep ours in the closet or kitchen when not in use, and drag it out when it’s game time. If you have a lot of overnight guests and no extra beds, this thing works nice as a mini crash zone.

Check out the Sumo lounge chair at

In addition, Sumo has recently released an even larger bag called the SumoSac stuffed with foam for those that enjoy a squishier and larger resting area.

(Disclaimer: Sumo sponsored our April LAN. I still believe I am giving an unbias review, as I owned a Sumo Omni Beanbag Chair before they were a Big Shot Gaming Sponsor.)

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