News Reviews Our Switch Bean Bag Chair

Apr 10, 2018

Ann Tancio

Hey Sumo Lovers!

We want to thank Bill Lepse from for review one of the latest members to the Sumo Lounge family, the Sumo Switch bean bag chair!  Bill and the other writers at are veterans of the bean bag chair reviewing world!  They have reviewed our Sultan, Sway and Omni before and now we can add our Switch to that list!

He goes into great lengths to give his readers and our customers all the information they need to be confident that the switch is or is not for them before they make their purchase!  He goes through the delivery process, unpacking, quality of the chair, shape and size of the box it comes in and the chair itself, and so much more!

Hey even provides a pros and cons list that we recommend checking out before you decide to buy your own bean bag chair!


If you are interested in getting the Switch, don’t worry!  We can help you do so no matter where you are located!

If you are in the US you can purchase it HERE, but if you are in any other country in the world we can still help you out!  Most western countries can receive our switch with a small shipping fee (which varies based on your location) and a few Eastern countries as well!  Please contact us at 1866 340 7866 to find out if we can get the switch to you and how much it would be!

And don’t forget to give Bill and the rest of the team at by going to their review HERE and telling them what you think! You can even visit their social media pages which are linked on the top of their site!  Show them some love and see what they think about our chair!

Safe shopping everyone!

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