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Aug 21, 2012

Ann Tancio

Sumo Onmi Bean Bag Chair a Fun Piece of Furniture for the Home or Office


Sumo, the innovative bean bag furniture producer has sent us their flagship bean bag chair the Sumo Omni. Not designed like a classic “Hershey’s Kiss” shaped bean bag chair you might have found in various rec rooms, the Sumo Omni is built to appear like it has ridiculous proportions, looking more like a handheld bean bag that you use in a game of bean bag toss if you were 100 feet tall.

Speaking of tossing bean bags, when you first open the Sumo Omni with your friends your first instinct is to immediately roughhouse. It makes a great landing pad when doing flips and is light enough to throw at someone. The beans stuffing the Omni are made of some kind of very comfortable space-age plastic making the bag feels cool when you first sit down on it.

Any visitors to our office immediately gravitate towards the chair and attempt to sit down on it in an orderly fashion. It’s this sort of instant recognition of the Sumo being tons of fun that make it such a hit.

We’ve reviewed the Sumo Omni before. From having one in the office for a long time I can say that the bean bags are indeed rip-proof and easy to clean. The Omni is about $150 with free shipping and comes in 10 stylish colors that will match any decor.

I just love the $150 price point for the Sumo Omni. It would still be a bargain at $200 considering the quality of materials: The high quality beans that never go flat and the indestructible yet comfortable exterior. They do all the manufacturing in-house which is why they can offer all these giant bean bag chairs at a price that doesn’t break the bank. They also have tons of different styles for you to choose from including some pricier models that are simply colossal and feature vanity fabrics like microsuede and corduroy.

Check out the Sumo store for even more styles of innovative bean bag chairs.

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