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Mar 12, 2008

Ann Tancio


Sumo: urban lounge gear

Looking for a comfortable place to sit and unwind this summer? Taking it easy on a piece of Sumo Urban Lounge Gear could be the solution.

Based in Los Angeles, Sumo Lounge is bringing a new wave of comfort to people worldwide. With a product line that consists of an oversized pillow and ottoman, the company has revamped the concept of a beanbag chair into easy-to-store, multi-purpose furniture.

The Omni is a 4.5′ x 5.5′ nylon pillow filled with beads and advertised as able to be positioned in ten different ways. A lounge chair, a mat, a loveseat, a floor pillow.the Omni allows consumers to use their imagination and maximize on the product’s versatility. Priced at $149, the Omni is available in ten colors ranging from a classic black to a cheerful tangerine.

The Otto is 50 cm. in radius and weighs around 5lbs. providing the consumer with the quintessential living room piece in a durable, stain and water resistant fabric. How better to host a party without the worry of your guests spilling their drink and ruining your favorite furniture? The Otto sells for $75 and can add to your dcor with its eight different colors.

Gaining press from appearances on MTV Hits as well as through the company’s support of Hurricane Katrina victims, Sumo Lounge Gear is creating a name for itself in the furniture industry. Add to your television watching, video game playing or reading time by treating yourself to the forgotten feeling of a beanbag chair.

If you’re a person who likes to be on the cutting edge of style, Sumo Lounge Gear can bring comfort to your life and flair to your pad. Visit their website Sumo Lounge for more information and all your ordering needs.

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