Dec 5, 2007

Ann Tancio


My new Sumo bean bag chairs!


I’ve been in search of a reading chair for my basement office since we moved in. Up to now, I’ve been using Jeff’s old office chair which was ok but not my Dream Chair. Thanks to my friend Ray for pointing me to, where I bought a beanbag chair (“Omni”) and a beanbag ottoman (“Otto”).

Blatherings3 (1)

I chose it because not because of the sultry women in their demo videos and stills (“What’s YOUR favourite position?”), but because of:

  • The affordable cost ($129 for the chair, $75 for the ottoman) and the configurability aspect.
  • The chair is light enough for me to easily throw around and shape yet solid enough to provide a support for sitting and snoozing.
  • It was available in red! Also comes in eight other colours.
  • Fabric is rip-proof nylon and easy to clean.

What I couldn’t tell from the pictures online, of course, was how comfortable it would be.


So of course I had to put my new Sumo chair through rigorous testing (see photos on this page) and can say without a doubt that I needn’t have worried.

All I need is a microwave and a mini-fridge, and I’ll never have to leave my basement office ever again.


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