Jun 24, 2009

Ann Tancio


Product Review: SumoLounge Omni Beanbag Chair

Beanbag chairs bring back such great memories. I had always wanted one, and when i got one, it was great for lounging — always comfortable, directly fitting to and supporting your body’s curves.

I jumped at the opportunity to review the SumoLounge Omni, a beanbag billed on the company’s website as “urban lounge gear.” The simple website allows you to peruse eleven different beanbag products, even some for dogs. Pricing at time of order included shipping.

The Omni lounge comes in ten different “fashionable” colors, from “hot pink” to “funky brown” and many in between. I ordered the “funky brown.” The large box arrived quickly, within three days of ordering. The Omni was enclosed in a plastic bag to add some protection during shipping.

I took it out and brought it inside. At approximately 4 1/2 x 5 1/2 feet (and about 12 inches thick) it seemed pretty big, but after looking at the online pictures, I got the hang of how to make it work.

The cover is soft nylon, but it has a strong feel — they call it “rip proof,” which makes sense. This is something important to me since I have a dog and two kids. Inevitably the dog — and the kids — will consider the Omni a new place to romp. I doubt either will be able to cause damage. The fabric is also cool; it doesn’t appear to retain heat, which is good during the summer, and a blanket will likely suffice to keep me warm during the winter.

Most important, how is it for sitting and lounging? I’ve lounged exclusively in this chair for the past few days while at home, and it’s definitely comfortable. It’s big enough so that I’m not looking for space, but not so big that I have to spread it out everywhere. If you want to sit in it as a lounge chair, you place it on its side; it conforms to your body and is comfortable.

Cleaning is an important issue for any such product. Inevitably, this chair will get dirty from kid food, dog hair and slobber, etc. The cleaning method is simply soap and water.

Bottom line: it’s a comfortable, well-made beanbag for the family.

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