Apr 7, 2006

Ann Tancio

I first met Omni a couple of months ago, and it was love at first sit. As he wrapped himself around my aching back, and cradled me in all the right places, I knew this was no run of the mill beanbag…He was special!


Weighing in at 18 lbs., and standing 5.5′ x 4.5′, my “dream bag” morphs from lounger to love seat, and when the lights go low, to a floor pillow built for two. But my Omni doesn’t stop there! Each and every time we meet, I’m swept off my feet, and introduced to yet another delicious new position I’d never imagined possible.


Adding to the depth of my affection is Omni’s amazing resilience and endurance. Made from a thick, durable nylon, he is not only rip proof, but water and stain resistant as well! What more could a girl ask for!?


The real beauty of this chair is in its diversity. Just imagine a position and it’ll conform. For backache sufferers like myself, it offers support wherever you need it, back, neck, head, legs, or all of the above. The Omni is perfect for watching TV, working on your laptop, or for curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book. At the moment, I have 4 kids, 5-10 yrs old, all flaked out on my bean bag playing video games…According to my son, no gamer should be without one!


With a household full of kids and critters, I chose the dark green model for practical purposes rather than personal taste. Now, two months later, I’ve realized that any of the brighter colors would have been just as easy to maintain. A little soap and water has tackled anything the kids and pets have thrown at it (yes, the pets love it too).


The Omni comes in Pitch Black, Charcoal Green, Platinum, Midnight Blue, Fiery Red, Tangerine, Pure White and Hot Pink. Believe it or not, had I known better, I’d probably have opted for the white; it’s that easy to keep clean.


One thing to keep in mind with this chair, is its size. It does tend to take up a lot of floor space, so it may not be suitable if you’re in cramped quarters. However, the Omni has a little brother “Otto,” which at only 5 lbs. would be a perfect addition for small spaces in need of extra seating, or as an ottoman to go along with your Omni.


If you’re not sold yet, here’s a clincher: If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact Sumo within one week of receiving your product, and they’ll refund 100% of your money! My guess is that it’s a fairly safe gamble on their part.


The Omni chair is a product of, Sumo, Urban Lounge Gear. The chair sells for $179, and Sumo regularly offers a rotation of select colors on sale for $149. Sumo products come with a 2 year guarantee, and shipping is free of charge.

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